The first print edition of the Leonardo’s Secret Weapons of War Series displays Dr. A’s mastery in painting a figure, which will ultimately contain four (4) variations on this theme.  Young Da Vinci told himself that learning never exhausts the mind, as he continuously developed numerous weapon designs.  Da Vinci became a military engineer at the age of 29. Nobody had seen the likeness of Da Vinci at that age, Dr. A did extensive study and research to create this beautiful portrait. In fact, Da Vinci was a handsome man when he was young. He had charming facial features, tall, appealing physique and distinguished curls. Dr. A’s pieces look so exceptionally beautiful in person than on the emails or on our website.
These are two of Maestro Da Vinci’s original weapon systems:

*Note: Proceed of every piece will benefit the underrepresented youth in Science and Engineering; to empower every over-achiever and talented American young recipient for national growth and innovation.
Beautifully framed with a commemorative plaque for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life, each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2016)
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Regular canvas
24″ x 36″
Small  canvas  11″x14″  (Opening price 2016 $750):  Current Price $750
Total Edition (Large) Size: 98
Total Edition (Small) Size: 150
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