Artist Dr. Anna M. Doro-on has created special pieces portraying Maestro Da Vinci’s love for Mona Lisa’s portrait.  As Da Vinci stated, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, referring to the wonders of Mona Lisa’s beauty.  In 2016’s piece, titled “Dreaming of Mona Lisa” will ultimately contain three (3) variations on this theme.  The next two variations will be extraordinarily complex and realistic.

Dr. A realized her surprising inborn talent in painting figures and portraits with mastery during the development of this first piece. She simply hand sketched the figures while writing the book and watching academic programs at the same time, nevertheless, the artwork turned out to be admirable.

Since then, she is increasingly motivated in creating exceptional artwork during her moments of creativity for writing the book.  Her paintings look so exceptionally beautiful in person than on the emails or on our website.

Below is Leonardo’s original work of Mona Lisa:

These series will be launched in 2019, be on the lookout!

Beautifully framed with a commemorative plaque for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life, each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2016)
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Regular canvas
44″ x 36″
Small  canvas  18″x22″  (Opening price 2016 $2,895):  Current Price $3,225
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*Note: Proceed of every piece will benefit the underrepresented youth in Science and Engineering; to empower every over-achiever and talented American young recipient for national growth and innovation.